A custom bike project usually starts with an e-mail conversation about intended use, riding style, fit, aesthetic preferences, and budget. These will dictate material selection and overall design.

If a customer wishes, I can provide a complete build package with a frameset. I can make recommendations regarding components selection, and have a relationship with local shops who can help source your parts.

Once I have a sense of what your bike will become, I will send you a quote, ask for your fit measurements, design your frame, and ask for a non-refundable deposit. While your frame is being built we can talk about options for paint.

Lead time can vary from 4-6 months.

Once it is completed, I will collect the balance and deliver it to the painter. Once it's painted, I offer an optional no-charge afternoon where we will build up your new bike over beers.


I recommend my customers have a professional fitting done prior to their build. I can provide your fitter with some key measurements that I need, and will design your frame around your 3 contact points on the bike. Locally, I refer folks to Blacksmith Cycle.

For those on a budget, I can request some body measurements and design your frame around those.

Frame Design

Bikes are evolving quickly. There is an ever-growing list of options in terms of bottom bracket, axle, head tube and disc brake standards to choose from. I try to err on the side of simplicity while providing a bike that is modern and performs well, but won’t be obsolete in 10 years. 

I welcome input from customers on frame geometry and tube selection, and understand that knowing the ins & outs of your new bike is what makes this process special. However, in order to guarantee my work, I will make the final call in terms of frame geometry and tubing selection for each bike. I only collect a deposit after showing the customer the proposed frame drawing.

Things we don’t do: unicorn forks, straight-blade forks, triple-triangle stuff


Unfortunately I am not set up to paint my frames. I usually refer customers to velocolour for paint work. They do far better paint work than I could ever hope to!

A frame and fork paint job starts around $700-$800 and is worth it in my opinion. An investment in a custom frame should be well-protected and given the proper clothing it needs to shine.


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